Burkina Faso organic mangoes and other agro products

Burkina Faso organic mangoes and other agro products
Ghana and Togo sweet Cayenne pineapples and solo papayas

With a head office in Bobo Dioulasso, second city of Burkina Faso and Faso main agriculural production area we are specialized in organic quality fruits and other agro products. We are producer with plantations in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo
We are exporter of several types of fruits and agro products such as Burkina Faso organic fresh mangoes, dried mangoes, Hibiscus Sabdariffa flowers, Ghana and Togo sweet Cayenne pineapples, Solo papayas, Burkina Faso dried fresh peanuts...

Burkina Faso Amelie, Kent and Keith fresh organic mangoes

Keit mangoe
Amelie mangoe
Kent mangoe
10 Amelie mangoes 4kg carton
10 Amelie mangoes 4kg carton
6 Kent mangoes 4kg carton
6 Kent mangoes 4kg carton

Burkina Faso is the major producer of mangoes in West Africa with over 250,000 metric tons per year
Bobo-Dioulasso best area for mangoes we offer for export extra quality mangoes Amelie (Governor), Kent and Keith types.
There are so many mangoes in Burkina Faso that there are no industrial plantations and nobody in the country uses pesticides or fertilizers: it is easier to choose only the best fruits.

Our mangoes are Ecocert organic certified and we are EuroGap certifiied.

For a best taste and quality our mangoes are picked maximum 2 days before sending; there are cleaned to removed any dust or sap.

Depending the mango type the season is from March to the end of July

Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 et 12 fruits per 4 or 5kg cartons

Sea or airway deliveries
Airway deliveries FCA Ouagadougou airport
Minimum 1000kg = 200 to 250 cartons
Ship: FOB deliveries to Abidjan port by train. Minimum order: one 40' reefer FCL (21,120 kg = 5280 cartons)

Documents: invoice and CE phytosanitary certificate

Crop season for each type of mangoes:
Amelie: start March to mid May
Kent: mid April to end of June
Keith: start May to mid of July

Nota: Keith mango is also written Keitt oir Keit

Mangoes cold room
Mangoes cartons
Mangoes pallets for export

Dried mangoes

Other fruits and agro products we export

Ghana & Togo sweet Cayenne pineapples
Ghana & Togo Solo papayas
Burkina Hibiscus Sabdariffa dried flowers
Burkina African eggplants (Solanum arthiopicum)
Burkina fresh dried peanuts in shells

For other Burkina Fasso agro products such as fine French green beans, white sesame, hot pepper,,,
Feel free to consult us but only for precise requests with the quality and quantity you seek.

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